Schoolstuff Mafia Interview - CivvieEdit

So I decided to sit down with Clueless to have a chat. Clueless played the Line Paper in Schoolstuff Mafia making her a civvie. She has also been promoted on RM to the Meeting Place Management group.

DD: Thank you for sitting down with me and Congrats on your promotion on RM.

Clueless: Thanks.

DD: How did you like playing Schoolstuff Mafia?

Clueless: I had a blast!!!

DD: Thats great! Was there anything you didn't like about Schoolstuff Mafia?

Clueless: The losing part sucked Wink Lol

DD: Sorry about that. Chuckle What did you like best in Schoolstuff Mafia?

Clueless: Trying to get people to listen to me. I love all the "discussions"!

DD: Well there was some of that. How long have you been playing mafia?

Clueless: Online- almost a year in. In real life a few years.

DD: Wow. Besides playing mafia, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Clueless: Spare time whats that? Lol

DD: Guess that means you are pretty busy.

Clueless: I actually like hiking and rafting.

DD: Oh you like adventure. Are you known by any other name on other sites?

Clueless: No I am a RM snob I only play here Love

DD: You can continue to be an RM snob, we don't mind Wink What Country are you from?

Clueless: USA West Virginia

DD: Now I want to know if you have a southern accent Chuckle Do you work?

Clueless: I am a party planner.

DD: Party planner. What kind of parties do you plan?

Clueless: I help plan all kinds of stuff from weddings and birthdays to conferences and golf tourneys!

DD: That sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have any funny stories?

Clueless: What happens at my parties stays at my parties Noble

DD: I am thinking there are some very funny stories, but I understand. Chuckle Do you go to school as well?

Clueless: No

DD: Me either. Is there any fun fact about yourself you wish to share?

Clueless: I can drive bad and smoke at the same time. Lol

DD: Rofl2 So how do you like RM?

Clueless: I love it here it helps me get through the workday. Molerat

Schoolstuff Mafia Interview - MafiaEdit

So I decided to sit down with d_whiz2003 to have a chat. Dwhiz played the Marker in Schoolstuff Mafia making him a baddie. He also was on the winning team. Congrats.

DD: Nice of you to join me.

DWhiz: Nice to be here.

DD: We just finished playing Schoolstuff Mafia. What did you think about the game overall?

Dwhiz: I enjoyed playing the game and I thought the story was very creative.

DD: Was there anything you didn't like about Schoolstuff Mafia?

DWhiz: I didn't like the unbalance of power. The mafia had a night kill, but the civvies could protect half of them every night, with the extra ability to protect 1 extra or block 1 person on certain nights.

DD: I totally understand that. So what did you feel was the best part of Schoolstuff Mafia?

Dwhiz: The best part was my BTSC team. And also watching the civvies kill themselves! Chuckle

DD: I had fun with that too. Chuckle How long have you been playing mafia?

Dwhiz: About 1 month.

DD: Besides playing mafia, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Dwhiz: Play video games, watch movies, plot to take over the world with Pinky. Yes

DD: Who is this Pinky?

Dwhiz: It's an old US cartoon. I've given you a copy of a video that will help explain.

DD: I remember Pinky and the Brain. I'll add the video at the bottom. Are you known by any other name on other sites?

Dwhiz: Nope, I'm the same old me on each site.

DD: What Country are you from?

Dwhiz: I'm from the US, the state is Depression (ok, I'm lying, it's really Hawaii). Pineapple

DD: I see you like the pineapple Chuckle I'm sure this will make TLL very happy

Dwhiz: Pineapple

DD: Do you work?

Dwhiz: Yes, I work. I work at a hospital, in the department for crazy people. Or am I one of the crazy people? I sometimes forget. Crazy

DD: Do you go to school?

Dwhiz: I am a full time student, for the next 3 weeks. Graduating with my Computer Information Systems degree.

DD: Wow full time student and work and you still have time for mafia. Hats off to you! Is there any fun fact about yourself you wish to share?

Dwhiz: I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, and quiet nights at home. (Oh crap, wrong site. Thought this was! No, nothing else to share.

DD: How can we find you on Oh nevermind..too personal Chuckle How do you like RM?

Dwhiz: RM is cool, people are nice. Except for the meanies that keep beating my high score. They will be dealt with when me and Pinky take over the world. Locknload


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